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Пакетна хартия, памучна хартия--en

Пакетна хартия, памучна хартия

Cotton cardstock has extremely high toughness. The texture is coarser than traditional paper. More texture. Paper is tough and white. The pull is strong.

Suitable for all kinds of packaging boxes. Books. Magazine covers. Tote bag.CD case. Folders and cards. Hangtags, flyers, etc.
Absorbent paper has very high absorbent properties. Made of pure wood pulp with full, firm fibre. All kinds of printing/packaging/industrial/pharmaceutical/technology/biology/art and other industries have its footprint, suitable for a variety of tags. Coasters, card cases, perfume tablets, etc.

Paper regular door width: 787/889 door width roll, 787*1092,889*1194 flat sheet, can be cut according to requirements, can be customized special rules.

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